Resources: DC Public Library

December 26, 2022

The DC Public Library is more than books. In addition to the normal books, periodicals, and research help, the library provides classes, meeting rooms, co-working space, and a wealth of online resources. The online resources were surprising in their depth.

DC is a large city and a great library is expected. The stacks were well stocked and organized in a reasonable way. The design was interesting as the shelves are all 3 feet tall giving the library a great open feeling.

The online resources were much much better than expected. Most library have some e-books available in their collection through Overdrive. DCPL includes subscriptions to a variety of newspapers including the New York Times and Washington Post. For magazines, DCPL includes access to PressReader which gives access to newspapers and magazines from across the world.

Where the online collection really shines is in its learning collection. This includes access to LinkedIn Learning and O’Reilly Online

In addition to these there are some resources just for entertainment like Kanopy for movies and Ancestry Library for genealogy (in addition to historical newspaper achives).

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